Lost the plot again

Published: Monday, 10 June 2019

I THINK we can safely say that CaRT has 'lost the plot' once again, writes T Lang.

I am of course referring to its most recent propaganda of it ridding the waterways of rubbish by asking the visitors to each pick up one piece of rubbish that will then clear them.

Laughing at its stupidity

I believe the whole of the boating community is laughing at its stupidity, for doesn't it realise that it is the visitors who are the very people that leave the rubbish!

The other about its rubbish bins is also causing some comment as it is now a problem to find them, and as the picture in Victor's column shows, when you do, they are usually overflowing.

This is 'rubbish' indeed and shows just how CaRT is so out of touch with reality.