Coronavirus—Societies and Canal & River Trust

Published: Thursday, 09 April 2020

AGAIN I see that all the canal societies are unanimous in their silence about the unfettered use of the towpaths by the masses at the moment, writes John Coxon.

Wey & Arun Canal Trust marks 25 years of boat trips

Published: Thursday, 09 April 2020

IT WAS way back in 1995 when the first fee-paying passengers cruised along the Wey & Arun Canal.

A breach in the making?

Published: Thursday, 09 April 2020

I WAS talking to an old friend earlier today and he noted whilst walking along the Leeds & Liverpool near the Arley Arm the other morning that there was a leak opposite the arm adjacent to Arley Golf Course, writes Dugald Campbell.

Coronavirus 'super spreader' coughed at police on towpath

Published: Wednesday, 08 April 2020

A MAN on the towpath of the Trent & Mersey Canal at Swarkestone has been jailed for four months.

Coronavirus campaign caused a change of opinion

Published: Wednesday, 08 April 2020

I MOST unreservedly offer you my most humble apologies and take back all I wrote in 2019, writes Adrian Warne.

Time to make a stance

Published: Wednesday, 08 April 2020

THE way we have been treated by CaRT, maybe it's time to make a stance against this useless organisation, writes Tony Compton.

CaRT blaming government guidelines or not closing towpaths!

Published: Wednesday, 08 April 2020

A BOATER who contacted Canal & River Trust by Twitter yesterday complaining about towpaths still being open was told:

Spreading coronavirus on the Regent's Canal towpath

Published: Tuesday, 07 April 2020

RegentsCanalSundayWITH the closing of Victoria Park people have flocked to the Regent's Canal towpath instead keeping the many elderly boaters self isolating prisoners in their boats.

Police warn against using towpaths for exercise

Published: Tuesday, 07 April 2020

WHAT will come as a blow to Canal & River promoting its towpaths is the police telling people not to use towpaths for exercise.

Why are the towpaths still open?

Published: Monday, 06 April 2020

HOW on earth can the Canal & River Trust proclaim it is 'Supporting the National effort to keep people safe' when it is allowing masses of people on its narrow towpaths? Asks T. Lang?