Good for Hollinwood restoration

Published: Monday, 12 October 2009

THOUGH the Hollinwood Canal is infilled by Manchester Road Bridge in Droylsden, the possibility of its eventual restoration has been guaranteed by the erection of a  footbridge over the former waterway at an height to allow boats.

This is in preparation for constructing the Metrolink tram line for Greater Manchester Passenger Transport Executive, Martin Clarke writes.

It was known that the road over the existing Manchester Road Bridge needed to be widened in order to accommodate the tram tracks, and this had been a cause of concern for the Hollinwood Canal Society as there was the risk that the canal line might be obstructed. However, Tameside Council engineers insisted that the Metrolink construction would not obstruct future restoration.

The solution that was chosen was to widen the road by making use of the broad footpath on one side of the road. The footbridge has been constructed parallel to the road bridge in order to carry the replacement footway. Tameside Council engineers had specified that the new footbridge should have at least the same headroom as the existing road bridge.

The Hollinwood Canal Society was delighted with this solution and commended the far-sightedness of GMPTE and of Tameside Council for ensuring that the Metrolink works have not created an additional obstacle to the restoration of the canal.

Manchester Road Bridge is only a few yards from the Droylsden Wharf Basin at the end of the short section of canal re-opened in 2008.

The Hollinwood Canal Society, formed in 2004, aims to preserve the remains of the canal, which ran from Droylsden to Hollinwood, and hopes to see infilled sections restored to create a green and pleasant route for everyone to enjoy. It is also hoped eventually to create a new waterway link from Hollinwood through to the nearby Rochdale Canal.

Further information about the canal, and details of how to get involved can be found on the society's website