Major operation to save duckling

Published: Thursday, 01 July 2010

A DUCKLING caused a great deal of effort by many people after it had come foul of the debris in the Huddersfield Narrow Canal.

It had been struggling in the debris and came out with a short length of pipe stuck over its head, and passers-by were attempting to reach it, but having little success, as the ducking was fast in the reeds away from the towpath. Photograph of the pipe  by Hayley Markham.

The RSPCA was called, but the officer who arrived told that she could not help, but would have to get someone in a wetsuit.

Did not reach

The people even had the mechanics from nearby Charlie Browns garage to help, rigging up a net and a pole, but it did not reach far enough.

It was then that cyclist David Kafanke, arrived, stripped off, waded into the mud and water and managed to grab the duckling in the reeds, and was able to free the piping that was fast round its neck.