Grimshaw Lane Bridge fails again

Published: Wednesday, 04 May 2022

THE Grimshaw Lane Bridge (75A) on the Rochdale Canal has failed again.

rochdaleNewLiftOnce again the cause is a mechanical fault as previously, Keith Gudgin reports.

Three failures

This is the third time the bridge at Chadderton has failed in just over a year with the failure in April of last year causing it being out of action for two weeks, it taking that amount of time to source the required parts.

We are informed that contractors are on site, but no other information.

Another stoppage

Another stoppage, this time on the Trent & Mersey that is closed at Cockshute's Lock (37) above Etruria top lock owing to 'damage to top end offside paddle'.

One piece of good news however—Coxhead Swing Bridge on the Leeds & Liverpool is back in action again.