Make our towpaths safer

Published: Wednesday, 09 July 2014

There is a petition by Laura Hughes to get Canal & River Trust to make some effort to reduce the level of the problem of speeding cyclists on our towpaths, Mick Fitzgibbons tells us.

With our known aversion to the way our towpaths are being used by cyclists and the dangers to both our animals and ourselves particularly by the 'lycra louts', we have no hesitation in publishing the link to this petition, and suggest that boaters make their feelings known by signing:

Speed limits and calming measures

Relates Mick:

"This is important to us because we want to feel safe when we take a step out of our homes. Every day we hear of another toddler getting hit, cat's backs broken and dogs being crippled and put down and this has to stop before someone dies. We need and deserve a mutual level of respect and not to live in danger and fear, this is a basic human right. We understand that this is what has brought the bikes off of the roads to the 'safer' route for them and just ask for them to slow down in areas boaters live."