Chequered history of Winkwell Swing Bridge

Published: Wednesday, 26 January 2022

WINKWELL Swing Bridge on the Grand Union is currently out of action.

Canal & River Trust state that vandals have once again attacked the bridge leaving it unworkable, Keith Gudgin reports.

It is working to resolve the issue and get the bridge working again.

WinkwellRegularly being out of action

This bridge has quite a chequered history,  it regularly being out of action for various reasons.

Last November someone took its road barriers, leaving it out of action. Then in February of the same year 'major works' were required with the hydraulics.

In August of 2017 it was put out of action after being hit by a vehicle, with this one causing some comments as the trust told that the swing bridge could not be raised!

Its worst year

But  2016 was its worst year with the staff at the local pub telling boater John Wallace it had failed three times in two hours in October with a total of nine failures in the season!


It was repaired today, Wednesday—until next time!