£1.6 million lock repair fails yet again

Published: Wednesday, 26 January 2022

 CONTRACTORS charged a massive £1.6 million for 'major repair' to Sawley No 2 Lock just over two years ago.

BrokenSawleyIt then failed a few months later when a bottom lock gate came adrift, it being left by the contractors with rotten timber, (pictured) with the lock then closed until the contractors came back and repaired it.

And this ridiculously expensive repair has failed yet again, Keith Gudgin reports.

Their own fault

This time the —now only too normalcollar snapping, with the contractors having to return yet again to fix what is surely their own fault as the collar being in such a condition should have been seen and replaced in that 'major repair'.

We are told that the trust is 'liaising with the engineers to try and get this fixed as quickly as possible'.  But surely it should be 'liaising' to get some money back for such a bodged job...