The trust dumps Biffa

Published: Thursday, 05 August 2021

THE Canal & River Trust has dumped the rubbish collection company Biffa.

BiffaRubbishIt has now awarded Reconomy the waterways contract for not only collection of general waste but also to manage the collection, processing, and disposal of hazardous waste materials across the waterways, Alan Tilbury reports.

Introduce a range

Under the contract terms Reconomy tells it will introduce a range of waste management services and systems to safeguard against the impact of hazardous waste, improving the experiences of all those using Britain’s waterways.

The company will take over the sites previously operated by Biffa, that caused a great many complaints over its management of the rubbish sites, with them often overflowing with rubbish and rubbish even left after collection.

BiffaBeenWould not take our rubbish

The above photograph shows the Biffa site at the junction of the Shropshire Union with the Staffs & Worcs, when we were taking the dog for a walk in the neighbouring woods, but realised there was no way it would take our rubbish.

Mooring overnight we saw the Biffa lorry arrive to empty the bins, and so we took the opportunity to empty our rubbish but were amazed to see the state of the disposal site, as shown in this second photograph. 

Many boaters have complained of the overflowing rubbish at that company's sites, so it is hoped things will now improve.