Two more Rochdale closures

Published: Saturday, 31 July 2021

RECENTLY re-opening after a months closure the 'Rochdale Nine' is closed again.

This time it is a problem with the head gate of Lock 84 at Dulcie Street Junction, next to 85 that caused the months stoppage.

Gate stuck partly open

This problem has once again closed the Rochdale Nine Flight in Manchester, with a gate stuck partly open, Keith Gudgin Reports.

But this requires a detailed examination we are informed that will take place next week.

It gets worse

This is not the end of the Rochdale woes, as at the other end if the waterway Callis Lock (13), another at Todmorden, is also out of action with both tail gates having dropped.

One is worse than the other and from the meeting at the site it is unclear what is the reason for what has occurred, though it is believed the floor is either damaged or has subsided.

This requires the lock to be de-watered so a proper inspection can be made, but it is stated that it likely needs the gates to be removed and due to the extent of the potential repair work required this closure could be of a substantial length of time.


Lock 84 at Dulcie Street Junction that had a gate partly stuck open has been attended to, with the navigation re-opened today, Monday 2nd August.