Why not update important safety signs too?

Published: Thursday, 06 May 2021

WE JUST completed a trip up and down the Erewash, writes Dave Irving.

On our return, as it had rained rather a lot, we wanted to be clear about the state of the Trent where the canal joins at Trent Lock.

SignTrent LockSee indicator sign

There’s a large river level warning sign, which asks boaters to see the water level on the indicator sign on the bridge at the junction.

It’s the vertical pinky, orangey, dirty yukky thing on the right hand side of the photo. Compare the state of it with the bright new shiny blue one on the left (I counted 10 more new shiny blue ones in close proximity—and many more around.

Broken and missing

The similar water level sign at Sawley appeared broken, and the one at Derwent Mouth seemed to have the green part completely missing.

If CaRT must be obsessed with updating signs, wouldn’t it be nice if they could update such useful and important safety signs too?