New replacement gate at Cadburys

Published: Monday, 24 June 2024

THE safety gate at Cadburys at Knighton on the Shropshire Union Canal has been replaced.

Signs of deterioration

The 35 years old gate was showing signs of deterioration, and the Canal & River Trust have replaced the gate to ensure the safety of the area, with one hand-crafted in its specialist workshop.

Knighton safety gate 1Knighton Wharf has a special place in the region's—and the nation’shistory, as between 1911 and 1961, Cadbury’s used the wharf and associated buildings to process local milk into ‘chocolate crumb’, which was then transported by boat along the canal to Cadburys in Bournville.

The safety gate plays a vital role in protecting the canal and neighbours in the event of emergencies, and the trust  replaced the gate to ensure the safety of the area. The works cost around £50,000 and took place between 17th and 21st June. The canal remained open throughout the works.

Fascinating history

Adam Bannister, Construction Manager at Canal & River Trust, explained:

“Knighton Wharf has a fascinating history and shows how the canals played a role in the success of some of our most iconic companies. And we’re still using traditional techniques to safeguard this important heritagewe’ve handcrafted the replacement gate out of green oak in our specialist workshop.

“At the Canal & River Trust, we’re committed to keeping these canals safe and available for boaters, visitors, and neighbouring communities. Our canals are in constant use, open to the elements day in, day out, and time is taking its toll, compounded by the increase in extreme weather caused by climate change. We are doing all we can to meet this challenge, but we need help. We are calling on people to support the Canal & River Trust and help keep canals alive for today’s boaters, the local communities they run through, and for future generations.”

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