Another 'fix' that failed

Published: Monday, 24 June 2024

THERE was leak on the Macclesfield Canal that closed the navigation earlier this month.

But it was quickly attended to with clay and our being told by the Canal & River Trust it is not a permanent repair, Keith Gudgin reports.

The trust had told that the repair to the leak between bridges 26 and 27 was a 'holding repair'.

Not held

The trust was hoping that the holding repair will allow the canal to remain open for the rest of the main boating months.  But alas it has not, holding only for a few days, with the leak again draining water out of the waterway.

We are now informed that over the weekend the leak at Bollington started again.

A team was on site yesterday, Sunday, installing stop planks again at Bridges 26 and 27 to prevent water loss and maintain the canal levels.

Boaters are asked to take their boats away from the area between bridges 26 and 27 and follow the instructions of the on-site team.