100 fish killed in one spot by a barge!

Published: Friday, 21 January 2022

JUST to add to this absolutely ridiculous situation, here's NABO's view:

For those who haven't read the preposterous piece from The Angling Trust that as a consequence CRT have stopped freight movements on the Aire and Calder Canal, here's a flavour, writes Anne Husar:

Angling Trust wrote:

'The carnage that is occurring now is the result of an ill-conceived idea by a green venture programme to keep lorries off the road and use antiquated, polluting, oil burning mega barges on a precious fish-rich area for the task of transporting aggregate. Because of the extent of this carnage killing flora and fauna, this self-defeating operation must be stopped immediately.'

This language continues throughout the piece and would be laughable if it hadn't had such an impact on freight movements on this commercial waterway. NABO, and the many others who are watching this do hope CRT quickly re-instate commercial navigation on what is a working canal, not a fishery.

By the way, we're wondering whether to get them to write for us on NABO issues as they do seem to get a very prompt response from CRT!!!