Did not realise she was drowning

Published: Thursday, 29 July 2021

I WAS very pleased to read your article concerning how drowning can be deceptive, writes Alan Howell.

We lost our lovely nine years old daughter when she drowned in a Birmingham canal four years ago, without a day passing without our fond memories and heartache at our tragic loss, yet even at that tender age she was a swimmer at the local baths with no fear of the water, but the cold of the canal and stumbling on something in the water was too much for her.


The tragedy is that we were not aware as she had the habit in the baths of going down and popping up in the water and this is all what was happening, she was making no cries or waving and to our everlasting sorrow we had no knowing that she was in fact in dire trouble and was losing her poor life, so I was pleased at your article that might save the life of other children, and that drowning, as you said has no warning whatsoever, and that parents should be aware that it is very deceptive.  Thank you.

[Though we do not normally include letters of approval, understandably, this is an exception—Editor.)