Boring to Boston

Published: Thursday, 12 July 2018

MY APOLOGIES for not writing for the past few months, but only just back on the waterways, writes James Henry.

For all the trips we have undertaken over the past 20 years or more, we have never ventured on to the Fossdyke & Witham Navigations through Lincoln, so Boston beckoned.

Most boring waterway

Friends who have ventured forth have told it is a most boring waterway, and so it is, with so few locks and mile after mile in one long cutting being unable to see a thing and the long, long straights seeming to go on for ever.

For anyone who doesn't care for a lock or two to break the monotony I expect it would be fine, but 42 miles from Torksey to Boston with just one lock to operate really was too much, then of course the same coming back!  Little wonder we passed so few moving boats.

A bad state

We were going to attempt the loop around Boston via Cowbridge, but first walking and talking to the boaters moored there, who all told the same story of it being in such a bad state and with no winding hole to turn back, we decided against it.

Anyway, we have done it, and have to admit we had no problems along the actual waterway, but have some good news for your Victor and his pet complaint—visitors.

Never saw a soul

Or should I say the lack of them. From Torksey to Boston, and this includes Lincoln, according to CaRT's reconing we should have seen a few thousand, but only manged to record 86, with most of those in Lincoln.  And after leaving Cromwell Lock for Torksey never saw a soul over the 16 miles.

One thing for sure, we will not be doing the Fossdyke & Witham Navigations again, it is just too boring, the only interest being the many moored boats, but I will not go into that.