Remove the blockage—or else!

Published: Monday, 01 March 2010

THE  NEWS that Cambridge County Council still have  the access to and from the Middle Levels blocked  has enraged the Middle Level Commissioners.

Readers seeing the Saturday story in narrowboatworld that a council has dragged its feet over repairing a footbridge over the Old River Nene in March, so blocking passage, will understand that the commissioners are  put out at its laxity, and have told the council that if the blockage is not taken down by the Monday 15th of March, it will take legal action.

Allowed seven weeks

It was boater K Alexander-Duggan who told us the council was allowed seven weeks to repair the bridge so that the waterway could be open for the season today (1st March)  but it did not order the timber for the decking in time, as it only arrived on Friday.

The problem is that boaters wanting passage will now have days added to their journeys as it means travelling both the 40ft and 16ft drains to get past the blockage.

This is the same council that is 18 months late with the construction of a busway, which is now £90 millions overun on cost!