Exposing the evasion of lock gate replacement

Published: Thursday, 19 January 2023

I AM fully aware Tom that you do not (unlike most others) like self congratulatory emails, but I think you should defer in this case, writes T Lang.

I am referring to the article by Allan Richards that has done more to expose the evasion of Canal & River Trust (and 'trust' we cannot) by his 'CaRT's dismal failure of lock gate replacement' article showing how year after year it has failed to replace the number of lock gates that are necessary to maintain its waterways.

Well exposed

With Allan using the power of the Freedom of Information Act he has well exposed the actual number of gates that have been replaced over the years of CaRT, that is well short of the 124 it so publicised are necessary.

And pointing out the ridiculous name it uses of 'leaves' instead of gates also shows a pathetic misunderstanding of boaters' common sense in accepting such descriptions, that as Allan states only serves to hoodwink the public into believing that CaRT is performing better than it is.

I am sure others join me in congratulating Allan is exposing such evasion, that does little to further their belief in the people that are supposed to maintain our waterways.  And thanks to the editor, should this see the light of day.

It has 'seen the light of day', as I entirely agree—Editor.