Fiasco of the winter stoppage programme

Published: Wednesday, 19 October 2022

I'VE KEPT quiet about this fiasco but will now email, tells Anne of the National Association of Boat Owners.

I've actually lost count of how many changes to this list there has been since the original one that CRT published in August, the traditional publication time for these to come out. Incredibly I'm pretty sure it's now more than we've had chancellors this year.

Another change

After yet another change at the beginning of this month, I received an assurance from Matthew Symonds and Sophie Green that that would be the definitive list and any unforeseen changes would be sent in email alerts.

Sadly for boaters trying to plan their winter cruising, this is not now the case as yet another list with further changes on it has appeared on CRT's website. Please warn your readers that it does appear impossible at the moment to plan a winter cruise around the stoppage programme which has still not been definitively set.

So take warning if attempting to plan a cruise—Editor.