Too difficult to close

Published: Friday, 15 October 2021

JUST read your article about the lock that leaked emptying the pound on the Huddersfield Narrow, writes George Howell.

Blame a boater

It's obvious that the blame is on a boater for leaving a top gate paddle up, but having had three weeks cruising the canals I can safely say that it will most likely be CaRT's own fault as many paddles, for want of a bit of grease, are too hard to wind, as during these weeks time and time again I have had to either open or close a paddle for my better half when it is her turn to do the lock.

SonALock34PaddleI can just imagine some poor woman struggling to wind a paddle down and thinking 'what the hell!' it being so difficult, so leaving it for someone stronger.

Much harder to wind

What we have discovered over the three weeks is that the paddles are much harder to wind than they were two years ago when we last came out, and as I said, for want of a bit of grease, as my picture clearly shows.

I actually met a boater on a Trent & Mersey lock who had a tin of grease with him and was liberally spreading it on a paddle shaft.  Perhaps something we all should do, as I believe one of your people told of doing exactly this.