Where is that £800,000,000 coming from?

Published: Monday, 21 December 2020

SO THE Canal & River Trust are to spend £800,000,000 on the waterways over six years, writes T. Lang.

It would be a damn good thing, but there is absolutely no intimation where all this money is coming from, for one thing is for certain, CaRT does not have it, spending its money on all those new appointments and flogging its 'wellbeing'.

Not be giving any

The government spending billions that it has not got on the pandemic, will certainly not be giving any.

CaRT flogging all its assets from tools to property means there is little left as collateral, so it won't be able to borrow any.

And the neglected structures and their ever increasing failures will need more and more cash to repair.  There has already been two this week and it hardly starting.

A mystery

I read the article and what CaRT told in Constructors News yet there is no mention of the source of all that money.  What you might call a mystery!