Part of the mass exodus

Published: Monday, 19 October 2020

WHEN Mercia Marina first opened in 2008 we were one of the many that formed part of the mass exodus from Sawley Marina, writes Joan Saunders.

It was the references in your columns to the noise at Sawley that brought this back to mind, with Manager Robert Neff at that time telling my partner that about half of the boats then in the marina were from Sawley!

Two reason for the deflection

Getting together with others who had come to Mercia it soon came to light that there were two reasons for the defection.

One was the noise, but that did not seem to bother some, but what did bother them were those six broad locks up the Trent & Mersey on to the system, that with the exception of Sharlow were extremely difficult to operate, and Aston Lock the very devil, whose gates I could not move, and even my partner had difficulty.

So Mercia was a blessing for many of us, and I see that still they arrive.