EA not interested

Published: Friday, 22 May 2020

I HAVE been a Thames boater now for nine years and have come to the conclusion that the Environmental Agency is not bothered about us. writes David Whiting.

In the old days we had lock keepers (I am disabled) that made boating very pleasurable for my wife and myself but then they decided to sell off the lock keepers houses and get rid of the lock keepers so they became fewer and fewer, at the same time putting up prices as they do time after time.

Tells it all

This coronavirus is bringing home just how good they are, for whilst your Canal & River Trust allow boating, even if only for a day, we are not allowed at all, but will be 'in the future', that tells it all.

Like, I have discovered many others, my wife and I have had enough of its ever increasing petty regulations and charges, and though boating on the beautiful river was our great pleasure, enough is enough, so we have decided to pack it in, the hassle isn't worth it.

Ought to be said

I hope you will include this as I believe it ought to be said, though another site doesn't think so, possibly afraid of rocking the boat of the EA, that needs rocking, if you follow my drift.