'White elephant' lock opens again

Published: Wednesday, 15 January 2020

Three Mills Lock that has been closed for repairs since October 2017 has re-opened.

One load of freight

Built at a cost of £20 millions to provide freight by water to the 2012 London Olympics on Bow Back Rivers, it proved to be the biggest waterways white elephant ever—taking just one single load of freight!

prescott locklIt is proving now to be the longest lock stoppage ever, as, though it was told it would be closed from the 16th to the 20th October, 2017 for minor repairs to the gates an seals, the stoppage lasted over two years!

Other problems

It was told there were other problems, lasting month after month, though not listed, right up to this year, with it finally re-opened on Monday.

The massive lock had very little use, even for private waterways traffic, as it is on a minor waterway that has other access, and it is thought the long stoppage of over two years was simply to save costs of such limited operation.