Perpetual lock gates

Published: Friday, 10 January 2020

THE introduction of the [metal] perpetual lock gates on the Kennet & Avon Canal is something of a déjà vu moment for CaRT/BW, writes Roger Fox.

PerpetualLockGateFoxSurvive today

A very similar project was launched around the 1970s for both wide and narrow locks and a surprising number of gates survive today.

This says something about the design which certainly has considerably rigidity, but the concept only works if the repairs to the timber portions are carried out as intended.

When not looked after

This recent picture taken on the southern Grand Union illustrates what happens when they are not looked after.  The leakage is similar to that on a wooden version.

I believe that many of the composites have been removed and replaced with more traditional timber gates.  I have never knowingly seen a refurbished set re-installed.