Beware of the rivers

Published: Friday, 10 January 2020

BOATERS are being warned of hidden hazards in rivers after all the floods over recent weeks.

Navigable rivers have had their locks submerged, allowing debris to sweep unchecked and become deposited in the channels, so boaters, such as on the Avon, have been warned not to attempt the river between Stratford and Tewkesbury, Roger Fox reports.

AvonEveshamSubmerged for many weeks

Even though the water level has dropped following recent floods with locks and moorings submerged for many weeks there may still be hidden hazards, so the Avon Navigation Trust warns boaters not to navigate the river unless absolutely necessary. 

On the Avon, the Trust's engineers are currently carrying out a safety sweep of the whole 47 miles of the navigation in deep draughted tugs to both remove debris and check locks for damage and silting up. (The picture shows the Avon at Tewkesbury.)

All suffered flooding

All the navigable rivers have suffered flooding during the latter part of last year, all too often being unnavigable with many having their locks under water allowing debris to flow unhindered, so boaters should take extra care as there is no intimation that other rivers besides the Avon are being so thoroughly checked.