Walking the Cuckoo Way

Published: Wednesday, 23 March 2011

A SCOUT group walked most of the Cuckoo Way—the Chesterfield Canal—during half term, showing that scouts at least are fit!

Members of 7th Retford (St Swithun's) Scout Group walked the Cuckoo Way over four days at half-term, following the route of the Chesterfield Canal.

Sleeting snow

Despite starting on Saturday morning at Kiveton Park in sleeting snow, the group walked all the way to Worksop before stopping for lunch. They continued in the pouring rain until they got as far as Retford. This was 15 miles of the total 46 miles completed.

On Sunday, it was again damp and a cold wind blowing as they set off from West Stockwith Basin. Lunch was eaten at Drakeholes. In the afternoon, the weather improved and they walked to Retford completing 15 miles that day.

After driving to Tapton Lock in Chesterfield on the Monday morning, the group walked into Chesterfield to the start of the walk and then walked back passing Tapton Lock and heading through to Staveley.

Filled in

The canal is being restored as much of it has been filled in, in the past, between Staveley and Kiveton Park. Much of the walk is across muddy terrain as there is no canal here and you need a map and compass to find your way, particularly as there are two diversions in place at the moment.

The following Sunday saw the group returning to Killamarsh to restart the walk. They walked to Kiveton Park to complete The Cuckoo Way and it was still only lunchtime. The group decided to continue after lunch and walk back to Worksop, despite it raining on and off throughout the day.

Did entire length

There were 22 who took part in the walk over the four days, ten of these still being at Primary School. Only one of the group, John, aged 12, completed the entire Cuckoo Way, in fact, walking 51 miles in the four days! The youngest in the group is 10 years old and he completed 41¼ miles in four days and brought his granddad with him on the last day.

Many of the group were being sponsored, raising about £1,000 between them. This has been donated to various charities, including B.A.R.K., RSPCA, MS Society, Comic Relief and a Special Care Baby Unit and some have put the money raised towards their Adventure Week taking place in August.