Anglers under fire

Published: Saturday, 17 April 2010

ANGLERS are under fire in the Forum at the moment, with boaters telling a few home truths.

Boaters are recounting their experiences with the breed, which was instigated by British Waterways allowing hundreds of miles of waterway, that were previously 'angling free', as not let to angling clubs, now available for anyone to fish.

Many boaters tell they experience abuse from anglers for no apparent reason, with many having problems with them fishing at lock moorings, being shouted at for going too fast when on tickover and being asked to go faster!

Another boater points out that though clubs have some control over its members, there will be none over individuals that BW in now allowing to fish its waters.

Though one boater remarks he has had no problems with anglers in 20 years of boating.

If you have had an experience with anglers, here's your chance to tell.