Victor asks just how greedy can they get?

Published: Sunday, 29 January 2023

HOW greedy indeed, of Iolo Williams and Co who want the Monty for themselves.

MontgomeryHorseAnd to hell with all the boaters for which, after all, the canal is being restored.

As you all must by now be aware that lot want it for horse drawn boats only.

Here's a picture of someone with a great shire horse pulling a boat on the Montgomery.

A horse, I may add that would in no way get under many of the Montgomery Canal bridges, and certainly not those without a towpath with no way around as farmers have sealed their properties off from access.

Using the excuse—and that is all it isof motorised boats upsetting the rare species of plants will not wash, as these plants are safe, being off track in their own nature reserves.

But alas, the Wildlife Trust sees the canal as its own property and is doing its utmost to make it so.

Not on our side

And would you believe, the Canal & River Trust are not backing its customersthe boaters, who pay into its coffersin this horse drawn boats only fiasco.

Maggie Gardner200Ner a word against the anti-propeller brigade, in fact only joy at the millions being given to further its flora and fauna.

It would do well for it to remember who pays so much towards its upkeep, and give thought to its customers.

Even when welcoming its new Director of Fundraising (pictured) its Chief Executive Office points outand here I quote“Our navigable waterways provide so many benefits to the nation, supporting wildlife and bringing nature into cities, improving community wellbeing and tackling health inequalities, as well as supporting jobs and local economies..."

Something missing, don't you think?

At least the new director, Maggie Gardner realises its 'proper' useand again I quote“Canals hold a special place in the heart of the millions of people who live on and alongside them, visit for boating holidays or to stroll along the towpath and enjoy them as places of recreation and tranquillity."

She seems to be concerned at least.

DeadDog ridgeAt it again

I wonder these days if anyone believes the numbers churned out by CaRT?

The latest we are expected to believe is that the Dead Dog Grade II Listed footbridge on the Regent's Canal at Camden is the busiest in the country. (Photograph courtesy of

We are informed that there are over a million a year crossing the bridge, by foot or pedal, it being the equivalent of 120 people an hour.

What? This weather? In the middle of the night? What junk, eh?  Another claim that I certainly don't trust.

Why the concern?

CaRT seem to have great concern about a shopping trolley in the Aire & Calder, it warning to approach with caution. Why? Is it going to leap out and bite?

I've seen scores of shopping trolleys in the waterways over the many years of boating, but never a warning of one before.

There was one in the Staffs & Worcs just below the 'narrows' that was there for years, that many of  you must have noticed, with certainly no warning and no attempt at removing, so why the great interest in the one in the Aire & Calder I wonder?

Ahh! It could be upsetting the wildlife, don't you know...

Anyone for the Leeds & Liverpool?

So we finished off the week, yesterday, with another failure on the Leeds & Liverpool—Milman Swing Bridge (214) Keith tells is kaput.

And not at all surprised as this failing waterways has hadwait for ita total of seven stoppages already this year.

Anyone for the Leeds & Liverpool?  I thought not!

Victor Swift