Number of CaRT directors rise to ten

Published: Friday, 27 January 2023

THE Number of CaRT directors rises to ten.

Following falling numbers of “Friends”, CaRT has appointed a director of Fundraising (Fundraising director for Canal & River Trust). The appointment will bring the number of CaRT directors to ten. 

Cart employed the services of specialists Richmond Associates to find a suitable candidate based on a salary of £100k plus benefits. It has also told Defra of the intended appointment.

Allan Richards takes a look at Friends and CaRT's growing staff numbers.

Friends objectives

CaRT’s original fundraising plans encompassed several charitable income streams. By far the most important, in terms of income, was the 'Friends' scheme. It envisaged large numbers of donors making regular monthly contributions by direct debit.

Ignoring advice that its aims were not achievable, CaRT regularly expressed its intention that, within ten years, it would have 100,000 Friends producing £10 million pounds net per year.

Ten years later

Needless, to say it did not happen. Growth in numbers has failed to reach target year after year. The number of Friends is now in decline. It is understood the trust now has less than a quarter of its 100,000 ten year target and numbers are still falling.

Perhaps more to the point, strong evidence exists that CaRT have expended more on 'Friends' than it has ever received in income.

When CaRT told Defra in December that it was appointing a director of fundraising:

“… to develop a strong fundraising strategy and maximise opportunities to develop alternative income streams at a time of increasing cost of living for many people and cost pressure on potential corporate partners.” 

Defra’s response was that it:

“... hoped that that would assist the C&RT in becoming less reliant on Government funding, in line with the grant agreement objective.”

Perhaps a snide comment from Defra in return for CaRT’s reluctance to accept responsibility for its poor fundraising performance over many years. 

Six to ten

In its early years, CaRT had just six directors. Now it has ten. Does CaRT really need a director of fundraising? What could that person do that has not already been tried?

... and does CaRT really need a director of health and safety? Surely, ensuring health and safety was already the the responsibility of one or several directors. Why not get those responsible to deal with the high accident rate or replace them with someone more capable.

One problem with adding new directors is empire building. Perhaps, this is why over its 10 year life CaRT’s number of employees has grown by more than 10% from 1512 to 1665.

A growth in number despite outsourcing

More employees despite reducing the number of regions from 13 to 6 and varius redundancy programmes aimed at reducing staff levels

… and and a growth in numbers despite CaRT’s promise to become a more 'agile and lean organisation.