CaRT joins the 'cookies' brigade

Published: Thursday, 24 September 2020

THE Canal & River Trust now insist that everyone using its web pages sign up for 'cookies'.

Over the past few months more and more web pages insist upon cookies, meaning they have access to you own pages and can 'spread it around' as they wish.

Do not log on

Many people, all of us included, refuse to give companies this freedom over personal information, and so just do not log on—or neutralise them if the opportunity is given.

Google and suchlike realised that people were using this to obtain illegal information, and set out rules, but it is obvious they are being broken as the surge in unwanted offers easily proves.

Dropped 27%

Our own internet provider did an investigation of the hits of web pages that demanded signing up to cookies discovering that their hits dropped an average of 27% of the 90 it discovered had started its use over a set period. (It was a somewhat convoluted exercise!)

Why the Trust should now take this step is difficult to understand as many people will not sign so simply discard.