Be vigilant on Wolverhampton towpaths

Published: Wednesday, 08 July 2020

THE advice to cyclists using the Wolverhampton towpaths is to be 'vigilant'.

This is after yet another cyclist has been pushed into the waterway along the 'Wolverhampton 21' and his bike stolen.


This happened yesterday, Tuesday, when he was attacked by a gang, robbed and then pushed into the canal, but luckily was able to climb out.

It is yet another of a series of attacks in the area that has forced the police to step up patrols along the waterway towpaths that are not considered safe.

Officers have stepped up patrols across the city's towpaths after a spate of robberies in recent weeks with two places on the flight where users are being targetted.

West Midlands Police

It was PCSO Shaun Evans who took to West Midlands Police's online alert system to urge people to be vigilant while riding along the canal network,stating:

"It is with regret that we must make you all aware of consecutive incidents of robbery that have been perpetrated by opportunist criminals on and around our local canal network and canal paths.

"One incident which has occurred involved the victim being pushed into the canal and then having the bicycle stolen by their antagonists.

"Subsequent similar incidents have been reported to have occurred in the Mammoth Drive, Science Park, vicinity of the city, with a similar crime being perpetrated in the Wednesfield area.

"A similar crime has also been reported to us which occurred on the Marsh Lane canal path."