No relaxation on the Weaver

Published: Wednesday, 01 July 2020

THOUGH use of the waterways is getting back to normal, not so on the Weaver.

Canal & River Trust have decided to keep the lock restrictions after the 4th July on the river, and will only be available for 40 minutes during the following times, Keith Gudgin reminds us:

Satersford2Dutton—9am and 4,30pm.  Saltersford10am and 3.30pm.  Hunts11am and 2.30pm.  Vale Royal12noon and 1.30pm.  (Saltersford Lock is pictured.)

Only three days a week

In addition they will only be available for three days a week—Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday.  All other days and times they will be chained-up preventing access.

The Trust maintain that that was 'after listening to the feedback from our customers'.  But with boaters only now able to plan their cruises and perhaps decide to cruise the Weaver, they would hardly have had the opportunity to be in a position to give feedback.