Boats grounding on Trent and Soar

Published: Wednesday, 03 June 2020

LOW water levels on both the Trent and Soar rivers are causing boats to ground.

One narrowboat was completely grounded by Radcliffe Lock on the Soar and had to be pulled off and now there are warnings of the possibility of grounding on the Trent, Keith Gudgin reports.

Possibility of grounding

Canal & River Trust is warning of the possibility of grounding between Stoke and Hazelford locks and also at Barton Island.

This is put down to 'sediments having been moved around by the winter floods', and could cause boats to have difficulty in navigating these reaches.

'Rubbing along the bottom'

Boaters are telling of other problems on the Soar, with boater David Hallam reporting 'rubbing along the bottom past the boats at Redhill.