Gave a different picture

Published: Friday, 29 May 2020

THAT was hard going from Allan Richards about Todbrook Reservoir, but pleased someone had the guts to tell it, writes Duncan Naylor.

It kept me entertained for a few hours as I went through all his links, and it certainly gave a different picture to the 'official' Canal & River Trust version and its own reports, and one can see why it did not want an inquest, for who else was there to blame for the collapse?

Convoluted outpourings

Having a relative living at Whaley Bridge gave me special interest in it all, so have followed all the reasons from Canal & River Trust as to why it was not responsible, but the facts show otherwise as in fact does Allan's obviously well researched article, so I must congratulate you both, if I am allowed, in bringing at all to light.

I notice that in today's issue you report that Canal & River Trust have installed temporary pumps to make up for the loss of water from Todbrook Reservoir, so are still using it as an excuse, for there are other reservoirs supplying those canals and Todbrook was not the major reservoir.