Thought one-sided

Published: Wednesday, 27 May 2020

I THOUGHT it one-sided too that Canal & River Trust only wanted good pictures to publish, writes James Henry.

1w garave top lockIt is just like them, they don't want pictures showing how it really is with the sytsem being so neglected that so many canals will have to remain closed on the 'Grand Opening' when it is allowed.

Lots of reservoirs

The Leeds & Liverpool is one of them, but it beats me how the flights over its whole length have to be closed. surely there must be lots of reservoirs feeding it between Leeds and Liverpool and they can't all be dry.

Here's just one of the many pictures I have that well shows the reason for no water,  It was at Gargrave.

Here's another I took on our cruise up North, but not absolutely certain which waterway, but it was in a mess as can be seen.