Hypocrites or what?

Published: Wednesday, 20 May 2020

THE National Bargee Travellers Association 'demand closure of overcrowded towpaths after lockdown easing', writes Keith Gudgin.

It declaring:  'As the government announced a partial easing of the coronavirus lockdown, the association has written to Canal & River Trust to demand closure of any canal towpaths where users are not observing social distancing or where the path is too narrow for people to stay two metres apart'.

'Assist Canal & River Trust'

Is this the same NBTA that Victor referred to on 12/04/2020 by writing—'...those at the the self acclaimed National Bargee Travellers Association, should be really ashamed as they tell its members it is to: 'assist Canal & River Trust to decide whether to close or restrict access to towpaths'.

About time they made their mind up is it not.  Some of us have been campaigning for closure from the beginning!

Do they want to help CaRT make its mind up, even though from CaRT's neglect of boaters' welfare during this pandemic we all now know what they think of us.  Or, are they demanding CaRT close the towpaths now, even though it's nearly all over?

Silence on the subject for three months

Not heard much from NBTA during the last three months have we?

Where has it been all this time?  It just appears to have woken up and now appears to be asking for the door to be shut after the horse has well and truly bolted leaving it's foul smelling crap behind for us ordinary boaters to deal with.