Better away from water

Published: Monday, 13 January 2020

OVER the week-end four of us tramped the Oxford Canal towpath, clocking up a decent mileage (for us), writes Ted Philips.

Travelling light

We had arranged it by first leaving a vehicle at Braunston, then took another back to Hawkesbury Junction where we started our hike along the towpath, staying after the first day at one of the friends' house for the Saturday night, near the canal.  As I had cruised the canal often enough I knew of the eateries, so we could travel fairly light.

We had fairly decent weather and enjoyed our effort, with a plan to do it again on another canal towpath, with others now interested. However, no matter what Canal & River Trust would have us believe, this supposedly one of the most popular canals had very few people believing it was 'better by water'.  I counted 26 walkers and three cyclists over two days, often going miles without seeing a soul.

Better away from water

A couple of the friends who were not boaters and had little knowledge of canals were surprised at the lack of people, in what was very pleasant countryside.  Perhaps it was too cold, but it seems the population prefer it 'better away from water'!