Labour could nationalise the waterways!

Published: Friday, 29 November 2019

IT SEEMS that Bill Ridgeway, asking if Canal & River Trust could be investigated/replaced has his answer.

Well it would appear that the Labour party, if elected, may take CaRT into public ownership, writes Allan Richards.

In narrowboatworld Bill asked—this latest revelation together with previous mad-cap money spending and failure to maintain the track does beg the question should CaRT be investigated and/or replaced by a body staffed by competent people?  The next big question is how may this be done?

PlanForNatureA plan for nature

A 48 page document published on Labour's official website documents contains its manifesto for the environment. Here is an extract from page 39:

'The privatisation of our 2,000 miles of canals and rivers, together with reservoirs, has not been a great success. Although no lives have been lost in the UK as a result of a dam failure since the introduction of reservoir safety legislation there have been a number of near misses including, most recently at Whaley Bridge.  Our waterways provide homes for people, habitats for nature and connecting blue corridors essential for the network of routes underpinning our Plan for Nature.  We will consult the public on returning our waterways, canals and reservoirs to transparent, accountable public management'.

Will it change the way you vote?

Whilst the above shows at least one of the main parties realises that something is very wrong at CaRT, I don't really see this as changing the way that boaters vote.  Positions are far too entrenched for that.