Electric boats on the Avon

Published: Wednesday, 23 October 2019

THE largest boat operator on the Avon at Stratford is now experimenting with all electric boats.

Avon Boating, that operates a fleet of 20 motorboats began experimenting last month with converting its motorboat fleet to electric power, Alan tilbury reports.

Motorboat fleet

Nick Birch, its Managing Diirector told the Stratford-on-Avon Herald:

“Despite looking very traditional and wooden, our larger 30 to 60 seat boats have actually been electric for around 20 years but now we’ve decided to look at the options available for the motorboat fleet.  We had a month testing with an electric boat in September and it went very well, they have the advantage that they are quiet, they look a bit more modern and they are easier to use.  They do cost around twice the price of a petrol boat and there is the issue of battery capacity, meaning they can only operate for about three quarters of the day before charging.

He pointed out that there are however savings to be made in the long term and looking at electric makes good business and environmental sense.

He anticipates that in around five years time the company could have an all-electric fleet.