Grantham Canal drowning inquest baffled

Published: Monday, 20 May 2019

THE inquest into the death of a man who was found in the Grantham Canal had his inquest baffled.

Though the police had extensively investigated Andrew North's final movements there was no reason found why he should have drowned in the canal, Alan Tilbury reports.

woolsthorpe lockWoolsthorpe Lock

It was on the 5th of December last year he was discovered by an angler in Woolsthorpe Lock next to the Dirty Duck, some 12 miles from his place of work where he left without clocking off.

However he was seen in five different pubs later on the day he disappeared, and was asked to leave the premises at a number of the pubs after trying to pay for pints’ of beer with only his Yale key, stating he had no money.

No evidence

The police were unable to discover how he reached Grantham Canal as he could not drive and there was no evidence of him taking public transport or a taxi.