Swing bridge causes development concerns

Published: Monday, 20 May 2019

A SWING bridge on the Leeds & Liverpool Canal is causing concerns for a house development.

The construction of a large house to be built by the waterway in Bradley was given planning permission although concerns were made at it being served by Bradley Swing Bridge, Alan Tilbury reports.

Bradley Swing BridgeWarehouse type

The large detached house to be built is in the warehouse type style, and is on the site of a former coal yard, but access is via the Bradley Swing Bridge with a sharp corner to the development that could have impact on the access to the village

However the house will be built on a former brownfield site adjacent to the Leeds Liverpool Canal, so the Craven District Council’s planning committee had been recommended to approve the plans.

Cause a hazard

Three representations against the house being constructed highlighted concerns the house would have a negative impact on the entrance to the village via the swing bridge and the sharp turning to the site would cause a hazard to traffic, especially when the bridge was closed, which occurred regularly when the canal was busy.

But with the closures to the Leeds & Liverpool, this is hardly to be a problem.