David: Not all bad

Published: Thursday, 06 September 2018

FURTHER to my diatribe about the condition of the south Oxford Canal, there is some slightly better news.

The Grand Union Leicester Section, at least between Watford and Welford is in a much better state. Wherever there is steel piling (picture below) the edge has been mown and there is a lot of piling on this canal; it may be significant that the south Oxford has very little steel piling.


Main obstruction

The main obstruction on the Leicester was caused by reeds growing in the water at the edge, but this is a dredging problem, not a cutting one. However, as the picture below shows, conditions are not perfect.

David2Back down on the Oxford/Grand Union between Braunston and Napton recent cutting had been done, including sections where there is no piling, (picture below). This just as well, since wide beam boats are becoming very common in this area and can be difficult to pass even when tied up. There are many places where the offside vegetation would make it difficult for two of these boats to pass.