Complained for 15 years!

Published: Wednesday, 05 September 2018

BOATER Dave Carden tells us that he has complained about the state of the waterways every year for the past 15 years, with nothing being done, he writing:

I also have to agree with the disgraceful state of the Oxford and I have written to CaRT London South East office to say as such.

Complained about Oxford and Grand Union

Last year for example I wrote and complained about this and the Grand Union below Bascot which is under the same office. I also sent photos, it is all so overgrown!

The excuses I got (no reply as yet for my report this year from them) for not doing the work was mind blowing—and as you can guess nothing has been done about any of the points I raised.

Complained every year

In fact there is a particular pound below Wood Lock on the GU that i have written in every year for the last 15 and nothing is being done about it. This pound is as bad as the South Oxford below Banbury.

I think in general the South East office/area is the worst managed I have come across—most of the time they do not reply to reports. Partly I think because it is the 'oh no not him again' syndrome...

But that said please everybody I urge you to email the relevant offices and report—the more that do it hopefully will make a difference.

Taken off local contacts

It is now not easy to find the local contacts on the CaRT website because they have taken off all the local contacts. But with a bit of a search it is possible through the live chat and search local offices. If not email head office.

The money they are wasting on signs, offices etc and not on pure navigation matters is quite frankly a scandal and they are not fulfilling their appointed task and obligations as a navigation authority.

In a worse state than ever

All in all the canals are mostly in a worse state than ever with the exception of some which have come on a lot in recent years due in a huge part to volunteers. But generally the CaRT and its trustees are not fit for purpose—what ever happened to the Navigation Advisory Committee?