No surprise about Stratford Canal cills.

Published: Wednesday, 29 August 2018

I HAVE to say I was not surprised to read about the closure of the Stratford Canal due to broken cills, writes Paul Gratton.

I reported the badly leaking cill on the Wilmcote Flight when I dropped down into Stratford weeks ago, but looking at the copy of my email I see it was not one of those that have now to be mended.

Poor condition

I thought the whole flight was in poor condition and am not in the least surprised that it is now closed for repair but it certainly proves the 'wait until it breaks' system is now in operation by Canal & River Trust.

To my mind, and to others I have spoken too, they are not capable of being in charge of our canals, for they have never been in such a poor condition, that cannot be denied considering all the present closures.

Like many others I have returned to the marina as though we usually go out again in September, it is doubtful if we would either complete a cruise or get back.