The danger of boat stoves

Published: Monday, 26 February 2018

I WAS most sorry to hear of the tragic death of Alex Bennett, who was a lovely lady in all respects, writes Helen Cripps.

I first met her at an historic narrowboat festival, our both sharing the same interests, and since then met up from time to time, and she was a joy to know, a lovely lady indeed, and it is indeed a sad loss that she has now gone from us,

Burning wooden floor

But I know only too well of the trend of leaving the stove doors open on cold nights like it is now, and after experiencing embers dropping out and burning into the wooden floor, the mess it left is a permanent warning never to leave the doors open when you are not  there or asleep, it is so dangerous.

If perhaps the so sad loss reminds others of the real danger of boat stoves, a little good would have come out of it.