Victor: Broad beams to pay more

Published: Sunday, 04 February 2018

SO THE Inland Waterways Association is falling in with Canal & River Trust and backing higher licence fees for broad beams.

There is little doubt that owners of broad beams will be paying more, as they already do on Environmental Agency waters.

The consensus of opinion from what I have learnt over the years is that this should be so, I just wonder if it will also apply to mooring fees too...

Standard licence fee

It seems the National Bargee Travellers Association's fight for no increase in the cost of continuous cruiser boat licence has had results, for not only the Inland Waterways Association but the National Association of Boat Owners too have both come out against any licence increase for continuous cruisers.

The Bargees 'it will drive some of our community into homelessness' campaign has certainly had an effect.

The mooring issue

The IWA believe that mooring enforcement for those continuous cruisers that do not continuously cruise is a separate issue and so should be dealt with separately.

But alas, Cart has been pussyfooting around this for years without any solution, seemingly terrified at the 'homelessness' argument from the Bargees.

One thing is for sure is that the Bargees are well organised and seem to have the Trust on its back foot as far as it daring to increase its members' licence fees.

Forget it

'Our Man at Cart' tells us that though the government threw out its attempt at taking over the EA navigations, being told it might be 'something for the future' has given it hope, and is already thinking up a new scheme.

But most saw that 'something for the future' simply letting Cart down gently by giving it further hope, that it certainly does not have, so really it should accept that it is a non-starter, and should now forget it.

IWA again

As expected, the IWA 'expressed extreme disappointment' that Cart's attempt to take over the EA navigations was thrown out, but just cannot accept it, firmly believing that the government is still interested.

It's over, the government threw it out, and the IWA stating that it would welcome a 'revised proposal' is nothing more than pie in the sky.

You lost—accept it.  (Rather reminds me of the attitude of those that also lost with something or other to do with the EU...)

Want a go?

I'll be off on holiday to more pleasanter climes shortly, so anyone out there who fancies writing a column? Providing it is fairly sensible, I can assure you Thomas will not mess about with it.  There are plenty of boating bloggers, so come and have a go, and get yourself a much wider audience.

Victor Swift