Quick work on the Chesterfield

Published: Wednesday, 29 June 2022

WE'RE currently exploring the Chesterfield Canal for the first time, writes Dave Irving.

We arrived at Gringley Lock (what a lovely name), only to find one of the top gates wouldn’t close—there was clearly something stuck on the cill, and all the normal encouragements failed to shift it.

GringleyLockThree boats queuing

With three boats queuing to pass through, we phoned CRT’s helpline at 4:20pm, they confirmed a call-out just after 5:00pm. Help arrived around 5:30pm, and confirmed the problem.

He quickly went to fetch some keb extensions to reach the affected area, pulled out a well waterlogged log, and we were on our way again by 6:20pm.

All three boats were impressed and grateful for the quick, effective and cheerful help provided.

Embarrassingly, we didn’t get the person’s name, but we’d like to say ‘thank you’ anyway, and trust he will recognise himself. We hope he enjoyed his steak dinner, delayed to help us out.