Stoppage after stoppage yet money spent elsewhere

Published: Friday, 11 June 2021

STOPPAGE after stoppage, closure upon closure, delay following delay! With CaRT's website showing 20 stoppages today, writes John Coxon.

We started the season with 25 stoppages or restrictions, yet over a month later it's still 20. So how do CaRT respond?

Hire a photographer

They hire a bloody photographer! Then have the cheek to suggest people might like to pay them £9.75 to take a look at the resulting pictures!

I can take my own pictures thank-you and it won't cost me nearly a tenner to see them!

Why-oh-why do CaRT insist on spending our money on nobodies?  These photographers, poets, artists etc. contribute nothing useful to the waterways and wasting money on them doesn't help when there are so many culverts, locks and bridges that need urgent attention.

ellesmere complexEllesmere Port

I made the journey from Chester to Ellesmere Port a few years ago and would never do it again! Mooring outside the museum is just big enough for just two boats unless you pay to go into the basin. A very tired and, in my opinion, neglected museum where the policy was to let the boats in the water outside just rot away and sink! Says it all to me about CaRT's attitude to the history and upkeep of the canals.

I spent a very disapointing time there and returned to Chester early the next day.

Now there's a place that really knows how to look after our heritage. They have made it pay for them rather than sell it, destroy it or just let it decay!

Perhaps CaRT could learn a few lessons there?