Waiting to know the winter maintenance spend

Published: Monday, 02 December 2019

I TOO had been waiting to know the winter maintenance spend, that is always heralded with much fanfare, writes T. Lang.

I have searched the CaRT site but found a host of old black and white photographs showing workers of yesteryear, that was not very enlightening.

Interested in work in the area

My interest was that as I am wintering at the junction of the Grand Union with the Oxford, I was keen to know of the work in the area, but discovered very little, that prompted my futher interest in the spending.

So I took to a telephone call at the 'enquiry' number given and asked how much was being spent this winter on maintenance.  All I can say is try it yourself, it is an experience being past on and on, but managed to get told by one fella that 'we have a rolling winter maintenance schedule that is now difficult to appraise but it is well in keeping with our normal outlay'.

I was writing this down and not sure of the word 'appraise' but that is what it sounded like, so now we know, though of course we don't!